• Keystone Management, based in Manly, NSW, Australia, focuses on the design, development, and implementation of new learning concepts and systems. Keystone is the creator of the Life-Skills Framework, providing young people with an experiential learning system.

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    The Life-Skills Framework is derived from Keystone's work with people of all ages. These essential Life-Skills can be taught on a mix-and-match, by row, column, or an individual skill basis or as 7 distinct workshop programs.


    The 7 themes, Consciously Innovates, Realising Goals, and Influencing Effectively, Insightful Solutions, Leverages Transparency, Team Player, and Sales Orientation equip people with the full range of skills needed for success in the 21st century.

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  • About Greg Twemlow

    About Greg Twemlow

    Greg Twemlow is CEO of Keystone, a Strategic Advisor, and a leading expert on experiential learning for people of all ages.


    I combine technical depth with business savvy and creative flair and an ability to think analytically. I have been retained to solve the most challenging and complex problems where you simply have to have the desired outcome without delays or cost blowouts. I've worked internationally for more than 25 years and maintain a powerful business network.

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    If we design solutions based solely on past experience, it's a lazy approach and borderline immoral. We're very likely to use old learnings from former projects for previous clients without understanding the business problems of our clients. Symptoms can be misleading. To develop lasting solutions, the process of design must start with the intention of finding out the correct answer to the correct problem.